FARMINGDALE - A tenant involved in a 2006 discrimination lawsuit against the Village of Farmingdale moved into her new home Tuesday.

Ana Maria Mora Gomez and eight other tenants filled a lawsuit after they were evicted from their building in the neighborhood known as "Little Latin America" on Secatogue Avenue.

The housing discrimination lawsuit claimed the village forced out Latino residents by offering a deal to sell the building on the fast track so that private developer Fairfield Properties was able to turn the property into an upscale apartment complex.

The village denied the allegations.

In the lawsuit settlement, Farmingdale agreed to build 54 units of affordable housing in the village. Gomez was the first tenant to move in.

"I feel so happy because what I've worked [for] and tried to find, my children are going to be reaping those benefits," says Gomez.

Farmingdale's mayor released a statement that said in part, "On behalf of myself and the Board of Trustees, we welcome you back to the Village of Farmingdale and look forward to you thriving in the community."