SYOSSET - A 14-year-old girl says she is lucky to be alive after a lightning bolt struck a piece of equipment that she was holding during Saturday morning's burst of storms.

Karly Morgan, an amateur motocross rider from New Jersey, has been spending the past three weeks training with her coach, David Milana, and his family at their Syosset home. Morgan was outside power-washing her bike when the storms struck.

"All of the sudden a big bolt of lightning came out of nowhere," she says.

Morgan says she thinks the lighting struck the power-washer itself. She says she froze for a moment, and then panicked. "I ran into the shed because everyone was in there, and I was screaming bloody murder," she recalls.

The teen's sister and brother saw it happen, as did her coach's children.

Morgan was rushed to the hospital, but she did not suffer any injuries.

The power-washer has been rendered unusable.

Morgan's coach noted that his RV was struck by lightning in the same spot in the driveway about three years ago.

Morgan is set to participate in a motocross championship in Tennessee next week. Although she's shaken up, she says nothing will stop her from participating.