QUEENS - The trial of a man accused of setting up an elaborate scheme to put his ex-girlfriend behind bars took a dramatic turn today when his alleged victim's teenage daughter took the witness stand.Seemona Sumasar's daughter, Chiara McDonald, spoke exclusively to News 12 Long Island after her testimony at the trial of Jerry Ramrattan. The 13-year-old said she avoided looking at the man who allegedly raped her mother and then attempted to frame her in an effort to prevent her from testifying against him. Sumasar spent seven months in jail after she was arrested and charged with posing as a police officer, pulling people over and robbing them at gunpoint in Nassau County. Today, Sumasar's daughter testified that Ramarttan was living with her mother, but then moved to a basement apartment in the building in the months before the alleged rape. Prosecutors contend Sumasar wanted Ramrattan out, but he refused to leave. Ramrattan's attorney, Frank Kelly, challenged McDonald's recollection of the events and insisted that the entire case stemmed from bad business dealings on Sumasar's part.Sumasar is expected to take the stand next week.Trial begins for man accused of framing ex-girlfriendMan accused of framing ex-girlfriend goes on trialMan accused of framing ex-girlfriend back in court2 accused of framing woman to face Nassau Co. judge today