LONGWOOD - A Longwood High School student that was suspended from class for her online anti-bullying video was allowed back to school today.

Freshman Jessica Barba walked out of her meeting with school officials today with her head up high as she was able to return to class after a five-day suspension.

As News 12 Long Island was first to report, the project the 15-year-old Ridge girl created was an anti-bullying video that featured the fake suicide of a 12-year-old girl.

A parent saw a Facebook page created about the project and called police.

Michael Barba, Jessica?s father, told News 12 Long Island that he wouldn't go into detail about what exactly administrators told him about why they suspended his daughter. However, he said it was all worked out and the suspension is now off Jessica's record. Jessica is handing in her project, and says she is proud of the anti-bullying message it sends. Longwood teen suspended for anti-bullying video speaks outStudent suspended over cyber-bullying mix-up