JONES BEACH - A Seaford teenager had a scare on the beach when she was pricked by a needle through her towel.

Anna Gagliano says she was at Jones Beach Field 4 on Tuesday with her friends when she laid down on her towel and had a syringe poke through, sticking her in the back.

The 15-year-old tells News 12 she immediately panicked, went to a lifeguard stand for help and was treated by EMS.

Gagliano went to her pediatrician, Dr. Ronald Kahn, who says she must now get blood work as mandated by the Health Department every six weeks to make sure she is has not been infected with HIV or hepatitis C and B.

Gagliano's parents tell News 12 they will try to get the needle tested. Dr. Kahn adds that he looked at the area using a magnifying glass, and he does not believe the needle punctured the skin.

The state Parks Department says it does clean the beach every day and uses a machine to sift through the sand.

Gagliano says she will not be heading back to Jones Beach for the rest of the summer.