HEMPSTEAD - Officials say a suspected teen robber was hit by an unmarked police car during a pursuit yesterday, and witnesses say the teen was taken into custody without getting medical treatment first.Witnesses and the teen's family tell News 12 Long Island that they believe the situation was not properly handled. Darrell Florence says his 13-year-old son, Jaden, was hit by an unmarked car as he was being pursued on his bicycle. Witnesses say the boy was knocked from his bike and one of his shoes came off from the force.Hempstead police say the unmarked cop car possibly had a brake failure and "accidentally bumped" the teen. They say he was taken into custody because he was not complaining of any serious injuries. A bystander captured the moments immediately following the incident on cell phone video. The boy's father, along with several witnesses, can be seen in the video waiting for an explanation from police. Police say they were pursuing the boy because a woman flagged them down and reported that a boy on a bike had stolen her necklace. Jaden Florence's parents say he had been arrested last year and didn't want to get into trouble again. The teen appeared in family court today on burglary charges.