STEWART MANOR - A clash over parking for teachers of one Stewart Manor school has spilled over and is now affecting the students.

Stewart Manor Elementary School faculty is being forced to pay to park near school. The Village of Stewart Manor decided to charge each employee $50 per month for a permit to park on the residential street in front of the school.

In response, the district transformed the school’s blacktop lot into parking for teachers – meaning the kids have nowhere to play basketball, kickball or four-square during recess.

Buses can also no longer drop students off on the blacktop and have been diverted to Dover Parkway North, a move that has created safety concerns.

The district calls the blacktop parking a temporary decision made in response to the short time they had to act on the issue. The district also says it’s a step it had to take to ensure teachers could come and perform their jobs.

The mayor’s office has refused to comment on why the teachers are being forced to pay.