ISLIP - A Queens gym teacher who lives on Long Island is suing the city's Department of Education over an attack allegedly carried out by a first-grader.John Webster, of Islip, stands at 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 220 lbs., but he says his stature was no match for a tiny terror who attacked him back in April. Webster says he was walking a class to lunch when 6-year-old Rodrigo Carpio became violent and started kicking and biting him. Webster says he needed knee surgery and hurt his ankle in the attack.Now, he and his attorney are blaming the city's Department of Education, saying it was "careless, reckless and negligent" of the school system to not properly protect teachers and students. The suit says the first-grader had a history of violence and had kicked and punched two school officials that same day.Webster has not returned to work because he says his doctors tell him he's not physically or emotionally ready. He was cleared by Board of Education doctors, however.The Department of Education declined to comment on the pending litigation.