BELLPORT - A teacher says she's prepared to sue the South Country School District to get her job back after allegedly being forced to resign for refusing to take part in the grade-changing scheme at Bellport High School.

Dana Hanson says she was punished because she wouldn't boost the math grades of football player Ryan Sloan, who is now at Syracuse University on a football scholarship.

According to Hanson, during a meeting to discuss Sloan's potential scholarship, School Superintendent Joe Cipp said the teen would have better chances if he had C's rather than D's.

"I definitely felt a lot of pressure as an untenured teacher to enhance Ryan's grades," Hanson says.

In the end, the teacher says she gave Sloan the grade he deserved, a D, but on his transcript, someone changed it to a C.

Hanson says she's hoping the district would hire her back. The school board is expected to discuss Hanson's possible reinstatement next week.

Cipp agreed last week to step down in May. He will receive a $500,000 payout from the district.Embattled South Country S.D. superintendent stepping downSouth Country S.D. debates grade-changing scandalNew details emerge in Bellport grade-changing scandalBellport community divided over grade-fixing claims