MEDFORD - Customers aren't sure whether they'll get their money back or their pre-paid work done after state tax officials seized the assets of a popular pool store on Long Island.

According to state records, Island Recreational owes nearly $1 million in back taxes. The company has four stores across the Island.

Customers like Vinny Laz, of Centereach, have already paid thousands of dollars for new pools that have yet to be installed.

An Island Recreational representative says the company is still recovering financially from a 2014 fire, but plans to reopen on Jan. 1 after making a payment to the state.

The representative also says the company will make good on all customer orders.

A spokesman for the state confirms that seized businesses can reopen once they work out a payment plan. They also said that if a customer paid for a product in full, and it is currently in the store, they can make arrangements with the Tax Department to get those goods.

The number to reach the state Department of Tax and Finance is 518-457-5434.