ISLIP - Many residents in the Town of Islip came out against a proposed tax hike for next year during a public meeting Tuesday.

Residents could see a tax hike of 10 percent next year. For the average homeowner, it equals about $48 more. However, homeowners in the Bay Shore fire protection district could see that tax go up 40 percent to pay for fire department renovations.

The proposed budget increase will also require the Town Board to vote to pierce the state-mandated tax cap in order to pass.

"What good is a ceiling on increases when it can be overridden by the powers that be?" asked Susan DiMiceli during the meeting.

Town of Islip Comptroller Joe Ludwig says there are many reasons for the hike, including increased cost of snow removal and road repairs, a drop in the assessed value of homes, and money needed to make improvements to the Brentwood and Islip ambulance services.

While many residents pointed to pay raises for town employees as the reason behindĀ  the proposed tax increases, Supervisor Angie Carpenter called the move necessary to keep good workers in the town. Carpenter says they are doing everything possible to keep the budget lean.

"We are providing the programs that people need, paving roads, fixing potholes and providing for public safety," Carpenter told News 12 Long Island.