WOODBURY - AT&T has announced it plans to buy T-Mobile for a mega merger in the cell phone world.

The $39 billion deal would make AT&T the largest cell carrier in the country. AT&T said that some time after the closing, it plans to rearrange how T-Mobile's cell towers work. The spectrum they use for third-generation services, or 3G, will be repurposed for 4G, which is faster. According to AT&T, T-Mobile subscribers with 3G phones will need to replace them if the merger goes through.

Dan Alveriz, of Woodbury, says he barely gets cell service on his iPhone, which is provided by AT&T. He hopes the merger ultimately improves his service.

"Maybe my service will get better, maybe I won't have to defect over to Verizon," he says.

If regulators approve the deal, the merger would close about a year from now.AP wires contributed to this story