GARDEN CITY - Authorities are attempting to track down the person responsible for calling in a hostage situation hoax to Garden City police Tuesday.

Officials say the caller claimed there was a man inside of 200 Garden City Plaza with a gun, explosives and hostages. The lone call came into the Garden City Police Department.

More than 100 people were evacuated from the building, which was then cleared by responding officers.

Police say it’s not easy to find the people responsible for “swatting” or making false claims about a violent situation in order to garner a large emergency response.

Nassau Chief of Department Steven E. Skrynecki says swatting is a growing problem across the country.  Last year in Nassau County, there were 10 swatting incidents. There have been nine so far this year.  

“We haven't quantified the cost. I can only tell you it's a large amount of resources that go into addressing these [incidents],” said Skrynecki.