CENTRAL ISLIP - Suspected Medford pharmacy shooter David Laffer was indicted today in connection to the Father's Day massacre that left four people dead.Officials did not release the specific charges against Laffer, but his attorney, Mary Beth Abbate, says today's proceeding was standard and added that some of the evidence against him, including surveillance photos and the fingerprint found inside Haven Drugs, may not be effective."Since he lived in the neighborhood and they are saying that he frequented that pharmacy, his fingerprint could have been there from any other time," she says. Abbate adds that her client, who was not in court today, is not on suicide watch and is overwhelmed. "Anyone arrested for the first time is scared to death in jail," she says. Abbate says there is no indictment against Laffer's wife, Melinda Brady, just yet. Abbate believes this means Brady is cooperating with police. As to the comment Brady made during her arrest saying her husband "did all this," Abbate suggests that Laffer's wife had reason to say it. "My experience is that somebody under the influence of drugs will say anything if they're promised more drugs," she says. Laffer's attorney believes the indictment will be handed up to a judge and unsealed by the end of this week, or early next week. His wife is due back in court July 15.Meanwhile, some family members of shooting victim Jaime Taccetta say they hope this case goes to federal court, where Laffer could face capital punishment.

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