ISLAND PARK - Police believe they've captured the Grinchy crook seen on surveillance video swiping holiday decorations off an Island Park front lawn.

Homeowner John Duffy says his home surveillance system captured the crime. This video shows the thief grab all 18 of his illuminated peppermint sticks, plus the timers and cords that he and his wife had spent an entire weekend setting up. In all, about $300 worth of holiday cheer was stolen.

Duffy's four children were upset to learn their decorations were gone, he says. "They are old enough to understand, but it's still very disappointing," he says. "You can see the look of disappointment on their faces."

Nassau police confirm that a woman who lives a few blocks away was taken into custody Monday in connection with the thefts. Duffy says the woman was in possession of the decorations.

The woman's identity has not yet been released. The motive for the thefts is unclear.