WOODBURY - A suspected MS-13 gang member from Deer Park will serve two 21 years-to-life sentences concurrently for two separate attacks, one of which was fatal.

Prosecutors say Alexander Aguilar, 19, stabbed Edgar Villalobos to death in Brentwood two years ago. They say Aguilar also shot 13-year-old Wilson Batista, Jr. in the eye on a basketball court in Timberline Park in June 2009.

Batista suffered brain damage as a result of his injury.

After the sentencing, Batista's mother insisted Aguilar explain why he ruined her son's life.  Aguilar replied, "sorry for the damage done to your family, but what has happened, has happened"

Aguilar will serve both sentences at the same time, meaning he could get out in a minimum of 21 years.