MEDFORD - Two Medford homes located just a block apart were burglarized this afternoon, but in one of the homes, the thief got more than he bargained for.A woman who identified herself as "Nancy" says she returned to her Saratoga Avenue home to find her back door open. When she went to call police, she saw a masked man walking down the stairs with a pillowcase stuffed with her possessions.The man bolted out of her home, and "Nancy" gave chase, pursuing him around the corner and down the street before he jumped into his SUV and took off."Nancy" says the burglar only got away with some costume jewelry. However, her neighbor who lives on Park and Tupper avenues was not so lucky. She says the burglar ransacked her home, stealing jewelry and wrapped Christmas presents. "Nancy" says the suspect appears to be a man in his 20s. Anyone with information is being asked to call Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS.