GARDEN CITY PARK - The man accused of shooting an NYPD officer from Long Island has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

Investigators say 21-year-old Luis Ortiz shot officer Kevin Brennan in the head during a struggle at a Brooklyn public housing complex Tuesday night. Ortiz is being held without bail. At Ortiz's arraignment today, prosecutors called Ortiz an "evil individual" who committed a heinous act. They said he should be incarcerated for the rest of his life. If convicted, Ortiz faces 40 years to life in prison.

Prosecutors say they have a strong case against Ortiz, including ballistics evidence, surveillance video and eyewitness accounts.

Ortiz's lawyer insists his client is not guilty and criticized the prosecution today for being overly theatrical.Doctors say it is a miracle that Brennan, who lives in Garden City Park, survived the gunshot. The bullet lodged in the base of his skull without hitting his brain, officials say.

Brennan is still recovering at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.Shot NYPD officer from LI expected to make full recovery