LONG BEACH - A relatively cool summer on Long Island is winding down.

News 12 Long Island sent senior correspondent Drew Scott out to see if the lower temperatures impact the beach season and businesses that depend on it.

Meteorologist Rich Hoffman says there have been above-normal temperatures in June, July and August, but the temperatures never hit 90. Beachgoers told News 12 that it didn’t stop them from enjoying the beach or the boardwalk.

“Either way I'm going to go to the beach, whether it's cold or hot,” said Dan Guido, of East Meadow.

Concessions reported that the mild weather didn’t hurt them at all.

“Only the rain, you know … if it's sunny everyone comes out as you can see," said Kyle Siewertsen, of Lido Kosher Deli.

Some meteorologists blame the polar vortex for the cooler summer, and they say it could mean a nice autumn but another cold winter.