DEER PARK - Whether it's the clothes they wear, the cars they drive or the candidates they vote for, Long Islanders like to have choices, but in some races this year, there are none.

This coming Election Day, voters in Suffolk County will see about two dozen races that are either unopposed or have candidates who are cross-endorsed.

"They are denying voters a choice," says political consultant Larry Levy. "They're not taking care of the most basic piece of business that any party has, which is finding good candidates."

Suffolk Republican Party Chairman John Jay LaValle disagrees, saying that they have done their best to recruit candidates.

"We've gone out of the clubhouse and into the communities, and recruited civic leaders and business leaders and residents who want to change their community," he says.

Both Democrats and Republicans say it's acceptable to cross-endorse judicial races, but not when it comes to any actual policy-making positions.