HAUPPAUGE - Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and Police Chief James Burke say there was a steady decline in the overall percentage of countywide crime over the past two years.

According to the police department, violent crimes dropped 8.5 percent between 2011 and 2013, with a 19 percent drop just last year. They report that property crimes are also down.

Suffolk police say they're more proactive now than they've ever been because of the way they police.

“The drop in crime is the department’s focus on intelligence-led policing,” said Burke. “That means giving real-time crime data to cops on the street and developing better strategies to rapidly react so we can better police the communities we serve.”

Legislator John Kennedy (R – Nesconset), who serves on the county's public safety committee, says the crime stats do not address the fact that there are not enough police officers on patrol.

“Technology absolutely should be used to its greatest capacity, but no computer is ever going to take the place of a cop on the street,” said Kennedy. “That's what the people pay for and that's what they want to see.”