HUNTINGTON STATION - Suffolk police say seven people were arrested at a sobriety checkpoint in Huntington Station Friday night.

Officers from the Highway Patrol Bureau and state police set up a checkpoint on southbound Route 110 at Church Street. A total of 265 vehicles passed through the checkpoint, police say.

The people who were charged with driving while intoxicated have been identified as: 36-year-old Katy Jewett, of Texas; 29-year-old Brian Quirke, of Greenlawn; 41-year-old Joseph Smookler, of Huntington Station; 24-year-old Costas Cortez, of Holbrook; 22-year-old Evan Desiderio, of Huntington Station; 29-year-old Michael Consiglio, of Bayshore; and 23-year-old Mallory Braun, of Huntington Station.

Police are warning drivers that there will be stepped up patrols this Fourth of July weekend, on the lookout for dangerous and drunken drivers. Authorities say they've also stepped up patrols to check for drunken boaters on Long Island's waterways.