BROOKHAVEN - The Suffolk OTB is moving forward with plans to build a $65 million gaming parlor in the Town of Brookhaven.

MaryAnn Johnston, of Brookhaven Civic Organization, claims OTB and the Town of Brookhaven are working together in an effort to get the 1,000 video lottery terminals placed on a site in Medford along the Long Island Expressway and Route 112.

“We know what the town is doing and we know why they are so reluctant to enforce their own codes,” said Johnston. “It has to be something they are getting out of it.”

State law exempts lottery terminals and OTB facilities from town zoning laws, so the town has no say over the proposed gambling parlor. Suffolk OTB president Phil Nolan admits he originally did agree to submit the site plan to the town as a courtesy, but that never happened.

“We have been communicative, but now we have to move forward on the plan itself,” said Nolan.

According to a recent News 12 Long Island/Hofstra poll, Long Island residents are deeply divided on the OTB issue. A total of 35 percent of those questioned were in support of the gambling parlors while 57 percent were opposed. A total of 8 percent were undecided.

The civic organization says it plans to hold a news conference Wednesday to announce its plans to fight the gaming parlor.

The Town of Brookhaven refused to comment about the OTB Monday.