HAUPPAUGE - County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk) and some of the county's top law enforcement officials appear to be at odds over how many police officers should be on the roads to prevent wrong-way accidents.Levy says he wants to use helicopters and special patrol units at strategic intersections. However, Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota and Sheriff Vinny DeMarco said during a joint press conference today that more patrol officers are needed to stop wrong-way DWI crashes."I still think, though, that rather than having a helicopter in the air at tremendous expense, I'd rather see police officers," Spota said. DeMarco added that having police officers on the ground allows for more flexibility and decreases the use of overtime for enhanced patrols during the holidays.Levy says he has allocated more manpower to the sheriff's office since 2003 and doubled the DWI unit, adding that traffic fatalities and crashes are down compared to previous years. Both the district attorney and the sheriff claim there is no policy clash with Levy over the use of helicopters. E. Setauket man facing DWI charges in wrong-way crashDriver facing charges in wrong-way crash slated for top Dowling job