SOUND BEACH - Suffolk police are investigating an officer after a video of a house party confrontation hit the Internet.

Last month, 22-year-old Michael Schuchman says a police officer responded to a party at his Sayville Road home in Sound Beach. Schuchman says an officer chased him into the home without a warrant and choked him.

One of Schuchman's friends recorded the incident and posted it online.

Schuchman admits he was drinking and "mouthing off" but says the officer involved used excessive force.

Some neighbors say the video doesn't show the full story. They believe the officer was likely provoked and say they're fed up with Schuchman's loud, booze-fueled parties.

Schuchman says he has a lawyer but is not yet pressing charges.

Meanwhile, Suffolk police say its internal affairs unit is conducting a complete investigation.

Suffolk County police guidelines state an officer can "use the least amount of force necessary to effect cooperation and control of a situation which requires police intervention, and then only when all other reasonable alternatives have been exhausted."