WOODBURY - Suffolk Legislator Jon Cooper (D-Lloyd Harbor) has proposed a bill that would ban the sale of puppies bred in abusive puppy mills.Cooper says more than 99 percent of the dogs sold in stores come from puppy mills in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Texas.Under the proposed legislation, puppies that aren't supplied by local breeders would not be allowed to be sold in the county. According to Cooper, his measure would allow Suffolk residents to inspect breeders' facilities, or at least know where their puppy comes from. However, breeder Hellen Camlakides, of Sportsman's Kennels Manorville, disagrees. She says what officials need to do is enforce existing laws that require puppy stores to buy dogs only from federally inspected breeders. Animal rights advocates say one of the benefits of Cooper's bill is that it might encourage more people to adopt shelter dogs. If Suffolk passes the measure, it would be the largest municipality in the nation to ban puppy mill-bred dogs.