SAINT JAMES - A Suffolk mother is turning tragedy into triumph to help keep the legacy of her murdered daughter alive.

Clare Farrell's daughter, Katie, was 21 and unmarried when she unexpectedly became pregnant. In March 2012, just a year after she gave birth, Katie Farrell was stabbed to death by James Shultz, the son's father. Shultz then took his own life.

Clare Farrell says her mission now is to share her daughter's love for life with others. She says her daughter believed a pregnancy may be unplanned or inconvenient or met with obstacles, but a child is never a mistake.

On Jan. 25, Farrell plans to fulfill her daughter's dream by taking her son to the March for Life in Washington, DC. A breakfast was held today to pay for their transportation, and Clare Farrell was given the support of some of her late daughter's childhood friends.