SMITHTOWN - The Suffolk Legislature today approved a measure to have hundreds of county workers start making contributions toward their health care coverage. Exempt employees currently pay nothing for their health benefits, nor do thousands of unionized Suffolk workers. The new legislation will make about 440 non-union workers, including legislators, pay toward their benefits.The change will take effect for most workers in November, but county legislators won't start making contributions until re-election. Suffolk officials say the move will save about $1.4 million per year. County Executive Steve Bellone (D-Suffolk) says he is working with county unions for some concessions as well. As News 12 Long Island has reported, Suffolk County is facing a massive budget deficit that could top $500 million by the end of next year, barring drastic measures.Impending layoffs leave Suffolk workers stunnedSuffolk Legislature approves plan to layoff 315 county workersBellone outlines fiscal recovery plan in State of the County speech