BRENTWOOD - A "double-dipping" salary law took center stage today at a Suffolk County Legislature meeting. The controversy involves one of the legislatures' elected officials.

Democrat Monica Martinez will be sworn in next week as a Suffolk County legislator, but is currently an assistant principal in the Brentwood School District.

A county law prevents legislators to hold two public sector jobs, with the exception of a public school teacher.

Martinez argues that her role as an assistant principal is the same as a teacher and the law does not apply to her. However, some legislators believe holding two public sector jobs can prove to be a disadvantage for Suffolk residents.

Critics say that there is no way she could fulfill her duties as an assistant school principal and a legislator at the same time.

Martinez says she will use personal time if she needs to miss work at her school for government responsibilities.

She says if the ethics board rules that she can’t hold both jobs at the same time, she will take a leave of absence Jan. 1.