WOODBURY - Suffolk Legislator Kate Browning is questioning why Conservative Party boss Edward Walsh is still employed by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.

Browning is asking for an investigation into Walsh’s employment by the department.

Walsh was arrested in 1984 while in college and charged with a fourth-degree sex offense for allegedly attacking a woman outside a dorm. He was sentenced to 12 months’ probation. Browning is asking the state attorney general to investigate whether he lied or left out information about the arrest when he applied for work at the sheriff's department.

Browning says she asked for a copy of the candidate questionnaire last week, but the Suffolk County attorney has not gotten back to her yet.

She also told News 12 that she's having a tough time getting fellow lawmakers to support her call to investigate Walsh.   

In a written statement, Walsh's attorney says his client has never been convicted of a crime and that the charge was ultimately dismissed, sealed and expunged. As for allegations that Walsh left out the arrest on his job application, his attorney says that the application was "thoroughly vetted and he has served without incident for 24 years receiving several promotions during that time."