MIDDLE ISLAND - Investigators say an administrator for group homes for the developmentally disabled stole money and the identity of a man in her care.

Authorities say Blossom Thame, of Ridge, took a 25-year-old disabled man to a Sprint store and made him buy an iPhone 6 with his own money. They say she quickly racked up a $700 bill by calling relatives outside the United States.

Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota says Thame also accessed the bank accounts of the victim and even opened a PSEG account at the apartment she was renting in Ridge. The account was in the victim's name. Spota says her bill totaled more than $1,400 over a one-year period.

"She was entrusted with the care, guidance and nurturing of her wards and she took advantage," says Spota.

Staff at the Oakridge Hollow Rental Community and its development company say they had Thame evicted last month after she left them with thousands of dollars in unpaid electric and gas bills.

A spokesperson for Thame's employer, the state Office for People with Developmental Disabilities, says it "works closely with law enforcement agencies to ensure that all allegations of abuse and neglect are fully investigated."

Thame was a supervisor of seven Long Island group homes for the developmentally disabled. She is due in court in August.