BAITING HOLLOW - A Suffolk County-based volunteer group is raising awareness of horse abuse as part of ASPCA's Help a Horse Day 2015.

North Shore Horse Rescue takes in and cares for abused and abandoned horses. They say horse abuse is a serious problem, both nationwide and on Long Island, especially on the East End.

Mack is one of several horses rescued by the group. They say Mack was emaciated and in poor health when rescued, leaving him unable to perform his task as a pull horse. Mack was on his way to be slaughtered, but treatments such as light therapy, massages and good nourishment have him back on his hooves.

Jet is another horse that found safety at North Shore Horse Rescue. Originally from Pennsylvania, Jet was apparently hit in the head with a sledgehammer and left to die in a closed stall.

North Shore Horse Rescue hosted an event Sunday afternoon to raise awareness about horse abuse, and share stories like Mack's and Jet's.

Sunday's event was part of a nationwide contest where barns competed to showcase how they help horses get a second chance at life, and how they spread the word about horse abuse to the community.

The winner will receive $10,000, which North Shore Horse Rescue says would help its mission.