WOODBURY - County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk) has been in seclusion since making his decision not to run for a third term, but earlier today, he sat down for an exclusive interview with News 12 Long Island's Doug Geed.

"I think I did the right thing by taking responsibility for things that happened on my watch," Levy said during the 20-minute interview.

Levy announced last week that he would not seek re-election and that he was forfeiting $4.1 million in campaign funds. A half-hour after Levy's statement, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota acknowledged that his office has been investigating the county executive's fundraising activities and found "serious issues" in the manner it was conducted.

Levy did not acknowledge any wrongdoing on his part or on the part of those in his administration, instead asking the public not to extrapolate anything from his decision. Levy also said he can't discuss any particulars of the case, citing an ongoing investigation.

In his statement, Spota said he was confident Levy did not profit personally from any campaign funds that were raised. He also said Levy's decision to not run for re-election and surrender the campaign money ends his investigation into the county executive's conduct.

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