FORT SALONGA - State lawmakers and County Executive Steve Levy (R-Suffolk) are making a renewed push to get a property tax cap passed in the state Assembly. The state Senate passed the tax cap months ago, and it has also received support from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.), but it's being held up in the Assembly. Legislators who represent New York City have been reluctant to back a measure that will help the suburbs until they get support for a rent-control bill that will benefit their constituents in the city.Meanwhile, Levy was joined by supporters who say if the Assembly doesn't pass the tax cap, the county should pass its own version of the legislation."Let's have every legislator come together, Democrat and Republican, and say, 'We want a 2-percent spending cap and a 2-percent property tax cap here in Suffolk County,'" Levy says. However, the Legislature's Presiding Officer Bill Lindsay says capping county spending at 2 percent might be unrealistic considering all of the expenses Suffolk has no control over.If Suffolk passes its own tax cap, it would only affect the county portion, or about 10 percent, of the overall property tax bill.