WOODBURY - The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office has reached out to the attorney of Thomas Moroughan regarding the 2011 shooting of Moroughan by off-duty Nassau officer Anthony DiLeonardo.

As News 12 Long Island has reported, an unarmed Moroughan was shot by DiLeonardo in February 2011. Moroughan was the only person arrested in the incident and was charged with assaulting DiLeonardo, though those charges were soon drooped.

No criminal charges were ever filed against DiLeonardo, although internal affairs investigators recommended he be disciplined for 11 unlawful acts related to the shooting. According to the DA, that’s partly because Moroughan and his girlfriend refused to cooperate.

“We have renewed our efforts to obtain Mr. Moroughan and his girlfriend’s cooperation through his then-criminal counsel,” says a spokesman for District Attorney Tom Spota. “We hope this overture is successful and results in full cooperation with our office.”

William Petrillo, Moroughan‘s attorney at the time, calls the whole situation an “absolute disgrace.”

“He was the victim of an unjustified shooting,” says Petrillo. “A shooting that was precipitated by anger-fueled rage.”