MELVILLE - Suffolk District Attorney Tom Spota announced Thursday that another major toxic dumping site has been confirmed in Melville.

Testing was done on soil from West Hills County Park in the Town of Huntington.

Spota says hundreds of tractor-trailer loads of toxic debris were brought to the Sweet Hills Riding Center for over a year and spread out between 3-feet to 6-feet deep in the soil.

"That entire 8 ½ acres is a crime scene," says Spota.

The facility is used to board horses, give riding lessons and was home to a summer camp that 70 children attended this year.  Spota says he will be contacting the families of children who attended.

The district attorney did not speculate on who was to blame for the illegal dumping during Thursday's news conference.

Spota says the area is severely contaminated at a magnitude significantly greater than that at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood.

Environmentalist Adrienne Esposito says anyone who believes they were exposed to the toxic materials should have a blood test taken.

The riding center has been closed since August, after the processed construction material was found mixed in with the dirt.

Other toxic dumping sites were found at several Suffolk locations, including Roberto Clement Park in Brentwood and the Veterans Way development in Islandia.