WOODBURY - The Suffolk County Water Authority says it has detected E. coli in some of the water supply on Fire Island.

The authority has issued a drinking-water warning and boil water advisory for Ocean Bay Park and Point O' Woods. Officials say people should use bottled water for brushing teeth and washing their dishes. The SCWA says water should be boiled for at least a minute before it is used.

The warning comes after the water authority says two routine water supply tests from two private establishments came back positive for E. coli on Saturday.

Water authority officials said they were retesting the water Sunday and hoped to have the results back today.

The Suffolk County Water Authority has put up stations, called water buffaloes, on Fire Island to make sure people in the area have clean water. They are also giving out bottled water.

Some local business owners say the water problem is impacting their finances because it happened on the weekend that officially starts the summer season.