SMITHTOWN - The Suffolk County Legislature is considering raising fees for overdue traffic tickets.

There are currently no late fees for Suffolk parking tickets, but the legislature is considering doubling the fine if a parking ticket is 30 days late. The fine would triple after 60 days.

Other traffic infractions, including red light cameras violations, would see a $50 late fee. There would also be a $50 fine for those who fail to show up for court appearances. An additional $100 administrative fee would be applied to judgments for those who fail to pay fines altogether.

County officials say they want to raise the fees to encourage scofflaws, who are about 10 to 15 percent of all violators, to pay up.

Legislator Kate Browning (WFP – Shirley) says the proposal is unfair to those who cannot afford to pay the fees.

“In this economy, I don’t think it’s the right time [for this legislation],” Browning told News 12.

The Suffolk County Legislature could vote on the measure as early as March 18.