WOODBURY - A new study finds more teens are using human growth hormones in an effort to boost their athletic performance and improve their looks.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids says 11 percent of teens surveyed reported using synthetic HGH at least once in 2013. That is more than double the 5 percent who reported using the drug in each of the previous two years.

The survey also found that while 12 percent of boys say they have tried HGH, 9 percent of girls say they've done the same.

Teen use of steroids also increased from 5 to 7 percent, according to the same study.  

Some coaches and athletes say the upward trend is related to finding a quick fix instead of taking time to work in the gym.

Kathy Schlegelmilch, a certified personal trainer, says HGH can lead to many health problems, including diabetes, high cholesterol and an increase in the growth of cancerous tumors.