WOODBURY - A new study finds that teen drivers and their young passengers are dying at an alarming rate due to bad habits behind the wheel.

John Corlett, director of public affairs for AAA, says teen traffic fatalities are up 10 percent. He says distractions, speeding and inexperience have become a deadly combination.

Corlett says one reason why numbers are on the rise is because teens learn bad habits from their parents. He also says teens are not wearing their seat belts, especially in the back seat. New York has no law requiring that seat belts be worn in the back seat. 

The new statistics are concerning to Locust Valley mom Heather Eletto. Her son is going to be driving next year and she says she is worried about him paying attention behind the wheel. Alejandro Quinonez, 19, says his parents always tell him to not use his phone while driving. He says he knows younger drivers are more likely to make mistakes.