WOODBURY - A new study has found that talking on a cell phone for long periods of time increases brain cell activity, raising concerns among Long Islanders.

The study was conducted at Brookhaven National Laboratory in 2009. Researchers tested 47 people to see if talking on a cell phone affected brain activity. Having compiled all of the data, the study's authors say holding a cell phone up to your ear for 50 minutes or more does speed up brain activity.

However, Dr. Alon Mogilner, a neurosurgeon at North Shore LIJ, says the new study doesn't answer the question of whether or not cell phones are harmful to people's health.

The trade association representing the wireless industry says no major study, including this one, has ever drawn a connection between talking on a cell phone and brain disease.

Despite that, some Long Islanders say they're concerned.

Researchers at the National Institute of Health say a lot more research into the matter is needed.