SMITHTOWN - According to a new study, New York has the most segregated schools in the nation.

A 30-page study conducted by the Civil Rights Project reports that Smithtown and Brentwood are among the least diverse districts on Long Island.

Researchers state that in 1989, Brentwood schools had a 44 percent white population, making it a “diverse” community, according to the study.  In 2010, that number decreased to just 8 percent, making it a “predominantly non-white community.” The Smithtown school district has remained “predominately white” over the past two decades with more than 90 percent white students.

"The research generally shows those that are segregated by race and class generally have less opportunities," said John Kuscera, one of the authors of the study.

The study suggests that New York's segregation is largely due to housing patterns but that it could be mitigated through policies intended to promote diversity.

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