WOODBURY - A new study finds all of Long Island's electric needs could be met by using renewable energy within 20 years.

Environmentalists say it would rely heavily on two proposed offshore wind farms and tens of thousands of Long Islanders investing their own money in home solar panels, in addition to other renewable energy technology. They say the price would be equivalent to adding 8 to 12 percent more to power costs.

Critics of the renewable energy plan say Long Islanders, who pay some of the highest power rates in the nation, cannot afford it. They say the higher rates will force more residents and businesses to leave.

LIPA, which was not a part of the report, tells News 12 Long Island that the report has merit but that for now its goals "could result in significant increased costs to our customers."

Environmentalists say the upfront cost would insure local green energy jobs and a constant flow of clean energy for the future that would get cheaper over time.