QUEENS - A new report from the Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) has revealed that the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) is one of the most inefficient and costly commuter rail systems in the country.

The CBC studied five indicators of efficiency among the railroads side-by-side. According to the group's 24-page report, of the 10 largest commuter railroads, the average cost per mile is 37 cents, but on the LIRR, the average cost is 57 cents.

LIRR President Helena Williams, however, insists that the railroad is efficient, while adding that antiquated union work rules and rising labor and pension costs inflate the budget.

LIRR Union President Anthony Simon says his members are open to bargaining to help balance the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's budget and to achieve lower fares.

The LIRR says this past March, it had its best on-time performance ever, with 95.6 percent of trains arriving on time.

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