WOODBURY - According to a new study, Long Island is one of the most segregated places in the United States. The new report finds Nassau and Suffolk counties are nearly as segregated today as 30 years ago. According to Newsday, the study finds segregation between blacks and whites was 74.1 percent in 2009. It was 74.4 percent segregated in 2000. Experts say the reasons for Long Island's severe segregation go back more than 60 years, to the end of World War II, when the Island's population was booming and covenants prevented blacks from moving into certain neighborhoods.Elaine Gross, president of the Syosset-based organization Erase Racism, says the Island's racial divide, especially as it relates to schooling, is bad for everyone. "We are really leaving behind a segment of the population that could be, if well-educated, could be real contributors to the region," she says. New York City tops the list of the country's most segregated major metropolitan areas, followed by Milwaukee, Wis. and Newark, N.J.