WOODBURY - An AARP New York and Siena College poll shows that nine out of 10 baby boomers and Generation Xers are struggling to save enough for retirement.

The study also shows that some are not participating in savings programs through their employers. Investment advisor Michael Kresh says this has been a problem since more employers stopped providing pensions.

"Their savings rate is perceived to be coming directly out of your pocket," says Kresh. "It's not a benefit from the employer and the vast majority of people who are saving won't put in a penny more than what their employer matches."

What's even more concerning to experts is that nearly a quarter of both generations expect to rely on Social Security during their retirement years.

Kresh says if a person is earning more than $120,000 each year, the most they can expect in Social Security is $30,000.

"I can't think of that many places, even in this country, where you can really get by on $50,000 a year," says Kresh.

The poll cited the high cost of living as the main reason why Long Islanders aren't saving enough for retirement.