WOODBURY - Dozens of Long Island students have to retake their ACT college admission tests because their exams were lost.

Brent Scheinman, from Half Hollow Hills West, and Joseph Weindling, from Walt Whitman High School, took the ACT test in June. Scheinman says he found out last week that his test was lost.

"First, they said the tests were in the midst, in the late stages of scoring, and then I called back three days later and they said they never received the test," Scheinman says.

The ACT administration sent students emails apologizing for the loss, and says they can take the test for free on Sept. 12.

Students say the test is only a few weeks away, and doesn't give them as much time to prepare as they had in the past. They also say that the delay is affecting plans to apply to colleges early.

An ACT spokeswoman says 61 answer sheets were lost out of several hundred tests given that day in Kings Park. The spokesperson said they didn't realize it at first, and that instances like this are rare.

The spokeswoman says they are still hopeful that the tests will turn up during their investigation.