WOODBURY - Children in grades three through eight across New York state will be taking the last round of the controversial Common Core exams next week.

The state says that students will be answering fewer questions and have more time to work on the test. However, many parents are still choosing to opt out of the exams.

"I am in favor of testing that benefits our children and our teachers and our schools," says Andrea Bergin, of Carle Place. "I am not in favor of senseless testing...that just corrupts our school system, takes up time and kills the fun and learning of education."

Test critics say they hope the opt-out numbers continue to climb because they insist that the grassroots movement prompted the state to make changes to the exams.

Some Long Island school superintendents say they will reserve judgement on the new tests for now. Others say they question why the state is pushing for six days' worth of exams.

The English language arts exam begins Tuesday, April 5. The mathematics test will be given the week after that.