EAST ROCKAWAY - Most Long Island students will be back in a classroom tomorrow, whether or not it's in the same building that it was held in before Superstorm Sandy hit. Some schools were closed for a few days after the storm hit, but others stayed shut for weeks. In East Rockaway, waist-high flood waters poured into the high school and wrecked a newly renovated auditorium that had only recently been reopened. Middle and high school students in East Rockaway will be getting back to class tomorrow in two vacant elementary schools that the district is renting from Baldwin. Students in Long Beach will return to class tomorrow, while Island Park kids will resume classes on Wednesday. The question now in districts across Long Island is how the lost days or weeks of school will be made up. The state education commissioner has the authority to allow for five days of instruction to be waived, and the Legislature increased that authority to 10 days after Irene hit.