UNIONDALE - Officials say 20 students and four faculty members were taken to the hospital following a pepper spray incident at a Uniondale school.

According to police, a fifth-grade student at Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale discharged the substance in a basement hallway just outside the school library and surrounding classrooms.

The school was evacuated shortly after the incident at around 11:30 a.m.

The 20 students, including the accused 10-year-old boy, and four faculty members, were taken to Nassau University Medical Center. They suffered from irritated eyes and throats.

Officials are not sure how the boy attained the pepper spray or if he was targeting another student inside the school. Investigators say that no faculty members witnessed the spraying.

Classes resumed during the afternoon, but many parents took their kids home for safety concerns.

Police are not releasing the student’s name, but say the parents are cooperating with authorities.